The Neanderthals and The Masonics headline Caveman a-go-go in Chicago!
Less then one week for Caveman Madness!!

Neanderthals headline Caveman-a-go-go2 NIGHTS OF 60's GARAGE ROCK - BANDS, Dj's AND DANCERS
Pick your knuckles up off the ground and put them on your keyboard for information and tickets...
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FRIDAY NOVEMBER 19, 2010 9:00pm - 2:00am
THE NEANDERTHALS - primitive stomping rock 'n' roll reminiscent of 60's garage frat-rockers The Sonics and The Trashmen with a little Chuck Berry and Link Wray thrown in. They sing about girls in hot rods and monsters in spaceships.
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Eddie Angel in the Neanderthals

Chicago's very own wacky masked band - first show in almost 10 years.
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"If you’re a fan of stripped down garage rock, loud drums, and/or redheads, meet your perfect match. WHITE MYSTERY is the two-piece brother/sister duo of ALEX and FRANCIS WHITE. Alex is best known as the guitar rockin’ front women of MISS ALEX WHITE AND THE RED ORCHESTRA (In The Red), but with her latest venture with brother Francis, she strips it down to a guitar and heavy-handed drum garage rock sound." - bio of the band by Gapers Block writer Lisa White
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DJ - Miss Cecilia
direct from Paris via Portland, she knows her rock 'n' roll because she lives it... fronting such bands as Operation S, No Talents & CECILIA & DIE SAUERKRAUTS

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 20, 2010 9:00pm -3:00am
Live from London, first show ever in Chicago.... featuring members from some of your favorite bands- THEE HEADCOATS, MILKSHAKES, POP RIVETS, WILDEBEESTS, KAISERS, & VECTORS. This is when the serious dancing begins and never ends... if you have never seen these guys then it's a no brainer (caveman reference)
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ANDRE WILLIAMS with The Goldstars
Seriously, if you have never seen Chicago's most infamous front man, then this should be without a doubt your reason to show up!! With a mind-boggling 50-year career in the music business, 70-year old Andre Williams is showing no signs of slowing down.
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Well, The Bama Lamas aren't going to sit around and wait to be placed in a nice tidy bucket - we play rock n roll - pure and simple. The kind of raunch you can feel deep down in your soul. Our love for scratchy R&B, Soul, and Rock N Roll 45's brought us together - became our blueprint for saving your sorry souls. The records that make you want to jump out of your skin and hit the dance floor happy just to be alive!
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DJ - Todd Killings
The mastermind behind VICTIM OF TIME, HORIZONTAL ACTION. His music knowledge is amazing and he will rock your world!!!

GO-GO DANCING by Parisian beauties Cecilia and Celia both Friday & Saturday nights